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My low self-steem and the story I want to share you.

I don't pretend to tell you that you are beautiful as God did you.
I just want to say that sometimes is very sad when you listen be " fat " is bad, and be " thin " is also not a good stuff. What society wants? Many people have asked me if  i'm sick of some disease that keeps me from getting fat.
"You are very skinny, guy. Do you eat well?"

The true is I can eat and eat  and I never grow up my weigth, so I feel lucky about that.

Whatever, that's not  enougth to get a "self-acceptation".

 I met a person who changed my life. And for the first time I felt I was " happy".
But, everything became a nigthmare at the end of 3 weeks, the most beautiful three weeks I never had.
I remember that, when I was walking down the street with this person, I was used to hearing things like "Look at this blond guy, I love him"

Blonde and blonde and more blonde. What about the dark haired guys? ( I know maybe exist another english expression, but I try to improve my spanglish)

So, I decided to get blonde just to show that I will be able to do anything necessary to keep on the "love", yeah "love".

Finally nothing was enough to. I changed the country where I lived, I move to south america, and even, I pretend to become more blonde, and I thought also in blue eyes and white skin. My self-steem  was destroyed.

1 year after, I decid that was the moment to look at myself to the mirror and say: stop!. And here, is my first step, my hair is dark like the nigth again. Just because I realise, probably I'm handsome as I am.

I'm skinny and dark haired, and proud of it men!

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5 Responses to “My low self-steem and the story I want to share you.”

Simona dijo...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I am going to follow yours back if you follow mine :)

Simona dijo...

And to be honest, I like dark hair and I have never liked blond one :) Be yourself man :))

Alicja dijo...

Oh common you are so handsome how could you even think you are not. You look great and fabulous:-) Thank you for a nice comment on my blog I followed you back

Sarah dijo...

And your better the way you were born, suits you perfectly. ;)

I never liked blond boys. :P

Sarah dijo...
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